Alliance Cancer Care Colorado at Red Rocks Attends the Cold War Patriots Resource Fair

Alliance Cancer Care Colorado at Red Rocks recently participated in the Cold War Patriots resource fair.

The annual event, which was held on Wednesday, August 23, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Arvada Center, was a free resource fair for former Rocky Flats and Coors Porcelain workers, their families and local seniors in Arvada and the surrounding communities.

Cold War Patriots (CWP) is a community resource advocacy group that helps nuclear weapons and uranium workers and their families get the recognition, compensation and healthcare they have earned.  Since 1942, it is estimated more than 700,000 Americans have worked to create and maintain our nation’s nuclear deterrent.  In the process, many workers contracted illnesses from radiation or toxic exposures.  CWP is committed to helping workers and their families understand the benefits available to them and how to gain access to needed health care and program services.

The fair offered attendees one-stop-shopping for community resources ranging from healthcare to financial, safety and benefits information.  Alliance Cancer Care Colorado at Red Rocks had a booth with information about the center and Gabby Klipp, Site Administrator, and Todd E. Grigereit, Ph.D., Senior Medical Physicist, were on hand to answer questions.  In addition to being an exhibitor, Todd was a guest speaker and spoke about the services offered at Alliance Cancer Care Colorado at Red Rocks, including soft radiation therapy (SRT) treatment for skin cancer with the Sensus® Therapy Unit.

The resource fair was a huge success with numerous vendors participating and residents attending.  Alliance Cancer Care Colorado at Red Rocks was proud to take part in the event and support the CWP, a group that benefits the residents of our community.

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